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            Now more than ever those of us who love Israel must wear our hearts on our sleeves—literally. Our t-shirt and tote let everyone know you are a zionistaTM  --and proud of it!

          The mission of the zionista project is twofold: to "rebrand" Zionism and make it cool; and to donate all profits from the sales of zionista tees and bags to organizations and initiatives that support Israel.

         Here's why: Zionism is under attack as usual but with an ugly new twist. Media darlings like Women’s March co-founder Linda Sarsour promote the idea that the concept of  “intersectionality”* implies that women cannot be both feminists and Zionists. In fact, according to Sarsour and her acolytes, anyone who self-identifies as a Zionist (someone who supports the Jewish state of Israel, in whatever way you choose) is racist, hateful, and should be denied a voice in every political and social arena.

          It is to counter these forces that we have created the “zionista collection" (more items to follow). Please encourage your favorite fashionista to wear these everywhere, posting photos on social media so that everyone gets the message!

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*According to

“…the oppression and discrimination resulting from the overlap of an individual’s various social identities..."

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